Tide Lords Series by Jennifer Fallon

3.99 · 30 ratings
  • The Immortal Prince (Tide Lords #1)

    The Immortal Prince (Tide Lords #1)

    Jennifer Fallon

    · 16 ratings · published 2007

    He's insisting he's a Tide Lord and he's begging us to try again...to kill him, that is. When a routine hanging goes wrong, the survivor announces he is Cayal the immortal Prince, a Tide Lord. However, the only known record of the immortal beings of Amyrantha is the Tide LordTarot...and everyone knows it is only a parlour-game, an amusement. Arkady Desean, an expert on the legends of the Crasii - a part-animal, part-human race - is sent to interrogate Cayal... more

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  • The Gods of Amyrantha (Tide Lords #2)

    The Gods of Amyrantha (Tide Lords #2)

    Jennifer Fallon

    · 14 ratings · published 2009

    The Tide Lords are returning and that means every man, woman and child is in danger... Arkady is exiled to the repressive Torlenian capital, where she makes some unexpected friends and some powerful enemies, all of whom seem bent on usingher to wreak vengeance on each other. Things are not going smoothly for Declan Hawkes, the King's Spymaster, either, and not just because the Empress of the Five Realms has turned up in Caelum with her family... more

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