Pearl Island Trilogy Series by Julie Ortolon

3.93 · 44 ratings
  • Falling for You (Pearl Island Trilogy #1)

    Falling for You (Pearl Island Trilogy #1)

    Julie Ortolon

    · 16 ratings · published 2010

    The forecast was smooth sailing for Oliver Chancellor, scion of Galveston's premier financier. Destine to take his place in the hallowed marble corridors of his family's bank, Chance is content with the future that's been mapped out for him, right down to his upcoming engagement to a prim debutante enthusiastically approved by his socialite mother. But when beautiful Rory St... more

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  • Lead Me On (Pearl Island Trilogy #2)

    Lead Me On (Pearl Island Trilogy #2)

    Julie Ortolon

    · 12 ratings · published 2010

    When A Woman Who's Willing To Say Yes... Allison St. Claire has the face of an angel. That's part of the problem. She also sells quaint tea sets in the gift shop at Galveston's Pearl Island Inn. It doesn't exactly scream sexy! Years of having men treat her like a little sister is enough to drive a healthy woman crazy! Especially when a gorgeous hunk checks in and fails to recognize that Allison's more than willing. She's ready... Meets A Man Who Isn't Listening.. more

  • Don't Tempt Me (Pearl Island Trilogy #3)

    Don't Tempt Me (Pearl Island Trilogy #3)

    Julie Ortolon

    · 10 ratings · published 2004

    Adrian St. Claire, the sexy chef at the Pearl Island B&B, is as tempting as the dishes he serves. In fact, he's never had a woman tell him no--until his family needs help searching for a legendary heirloom on the sunken ship in the island's cove. To find the treasure they need the help of a woman whose history is as linked as theirs to the island's romantic past... more

  • Lie to Me (Pearl Island Trilogy #4)

    Lie to Me (Pearl Island Trilogy #4)

    Julie Ortolon

    · 6 ratings · published 2014

    Never has one sweet lie sparked so much passion... The day Chloe Davis finds a priceless necklace washed up on the beach, she’s convinced it came from the shipwreck in the cove. To her, it’s a sign of acceptance into the idyllic world of Pearl Island where she’s lived for the past few lonely years as a peripheral member of the family who runs the thriving bed and breakfast. That assurance could shatter when a sexy visitor from New Orleans arrives with the truth about the necklace... more

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