Ukiah Oregon Series by Wen Spencer

4.03 · 22 ratings
  • Alien Taste (Ukiah Oregon #1)

    Alien Taste (Ukiah Oregon #1)

    Wen Spencer

    · 12 ratings · published 2001

    Living with wolves as a child gave tracker Ukiah Oregon a heightened sense of smell and taste. Or so he thought-until he crossed paths with a criminal gang known as the Pack. Now, Ukiah is about to discover just how much he has in common with the Pack: a bond of blood, brotherhood...and destiny.

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  • Tainted Trail (Ukiah Oregon #2)

    Tainted Trail (Ukiah Oregon #2)

    Wen Spencer

    · 10 ratings · published 2002

    Half-man, half-alien Ukiah Oregon is tracking a missing woman when he discovers he may actually be the long-lost "Magic Boy"-who vanished back in 1933. "Murder, aliens, and a feral child turned detective...thoroughly entertaining SF mystery." (Locus)

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