Delia Series by V.C. Andrews

3.96 · 38 ratings
  • Delia's Crossing (Delia #1)

    Delia's Crossing (Delia #1)

    V.C. Andrews

    · 14 ratings · published 2008

    Kidnapped by cruel fate...Secuestrado por sino cruel After her parents are killed in a truck accident, Delia Yebarra's life is turned upside down. At fifteen, she leaves the rural Mexican village where she grew up and embarks on a new life in America. Coming to her wealthy aunt Isabella's huge estate in Palm Springs, California, should be a dream come true for a simple country girl like Delia -- so why does it feel like a nightmare? A prisoner of destiny.. more

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  • Delia's Heart (Delia #2)

    Delia's Heart (Delia #2)

    V.C. Andrews

    · 12 ratings · published 2008

    TORN BETWEEN TWO WORLDS... Atrapada entre dos mundos Delia Yebarra survived a treacherous desert crossing to protect her friend Ignacio from murder charges. Now, the time has come once again to leave her tiny Mexican hometown: Delia's cousin Edward convinces her to return to his world of wealth and privilege in Palm Springs, and soon Delia, a beautiful and popular senior at an exclusive private school, is living the American dream... more

  • Delia's Gift (Delia #3)

    Delia's Gift (Delia #3)

    V.C. Andrews

    · 12 ratings · published 2009

    Hope is shattered... La esperanza se destruye No amount of money can keep heartbreak away: Delia Yebarra learned that painful lesson after a boating tragedy ended her fairy-tale romance with Adan Bovia, a wealthy politician's son. But when she discovers she is carrying his child, Delia has no choice but to live under the watchful eye of Adan's powerful father, who blamed Delia for the deadly accident but soon puts her health and the safe delivery of his grandchild above his resentments... more

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