Channie Series by Charlotte Abel

3.86 · 40 ratings
  • Enchantment (Channie #1)

    Enchantment (Channie #1)

    Charlotte Abel

    · 17 ratings · published 2011

    Sixteen year old Channie Kerns leads an idyllic life of seclusion and magic deep in the Ozark Mountains ... until her family is forced to flee for their lives. They leave everything and everyone behind to start over in Louisville, Colorado. Magic is forbidden while they are in hiding, but Channie can't resist the temptation to enchant a group of local boys... more

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  • Taken (Channie #2)

    Taken (Channie #2)

    Charlotte Abel

    · 12 ratings · published 2012

    Bound by love and magic. Betrayed by those they trust. Not everyone survives. In this second installment of The Channie Series, Josh and Channie are tested physically and emotionally as the tough choices they are forced to make affect not only their future together but their very existence. The risks are high but the rewards are even higher. Gasp-out-loud action, heart-pounding romance and an OMG ending that leaves you hungry for the next book. "The chase scene was to die for .. more

  • Love Hurts (Channie #2.5)

    Love Hurts (Channie #2.5)

    Charlotte Abel

    · 3 ratings · published 2013

    Set during Taken: Book 2 of The Channie Series. Hunter and Kassie's romantic Valentine's Day in a hotel room. For mature readers.

  • Finding Valor (Channie #3)

    Finding Valor (Channie #3)

    Charlotte Abel

    · 8 ratings · published 2013

    Book 3 of The Channie Series Josh awakes with no recollection of the previous six months of his life, including his relationship with Channie. Not only is it hard for him to believe that he's married and his wife was kidnapped, but accepting that he is a mage and prophecies of the Book of the Dead are almost impossible... more

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