SSU Boys Series by Maris Black

3.77 · 51 ratings
  • Initiation (SSU Boys #0.5)

    Initiation (SSU Boys #0.5)

    Maris Black

    · 11 ratings · published 2014

    (This 70 Page Novella includes a bonus preview of the first 3 chapters of Pinned: SSU Boys Book #1) Latino linebacker Emilio Madero has a huge crush on the new backup quarterback. He’s perfection in motion with his lean, muscled body and rich boy good looks. But there’s no way in hell Emilio is going to do anything about it. He’ll just have to be content with fantasizing about the guy of his dreams and watching him from afar, because hitting on another player is out of the question... more

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  • Pinned (SSU Boys #1)

    Pinned (SSU Boys #1)

    Maris Black

    · 14 ratings · published 2014

    On his first day of college, all Jeremy Miller can think about is getting away from his hellish home life, making the wrestling team, and finally getting a real boyfriend. He's sick to death of being used by closeted football players who are too afraid to admit they like guys. What he doesn’t count on is losing his mind over the gorgeous, golden-eyed wrestling captain who needs to keep their attraction a secret at all costs... more

  • Smitten (SSU Boys #2)

    Smitten (SSU Boys #2)

    Maris Black

    · 13 ratings · published 2014

    Dan Fisher is a fun-loving slacker from SSU with a passion for partying and dancing. When rich girl Avery Wakefield offers him a brand new designer wardrobe in exchange for posing as her boyfriend, he reluctantly agrees. He hates lying, but it’s hard to turn down nice clothes and a chance to live in a historic mansion in Savannah for two weeks. What he doesn’t count on is falling hard for her mysterious, straight brother. Julian Wakefield is as tortured as he is handsome... more

  • Undeclared (SSU Boys #3)

    Undeclared (SSU Boys #3)

    Maris Black

    · 13 ratings · published 2014

    Deep in the heart of the Bible Belt, lines are getting blurred... Liam Rush has never ventured too far outside the fences of his family farm, so college is a pretty big deal for him. Now he can finally claim his own identity-- one that doesn’t involve football, hunting, farm work, or four overbearing brothers. But when he finds himself falling for the androgynous dancer at Trybe, where he works as a bouncer, things get confusing. He’s never been attracted to guys before. Not really... more

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