The Borderline Series by Laura Griffin

3.86 · 23 ratings
  • One Last Breath (The Borderline #1)

    One Last Breath (The Borderline #1)

    Laura Griffin

    · 13 ratings · published 2007

    He's an ex-cop. She's an ex-wife. And they're both out for revenge on the same man.... When pampered former cheerleader Feenie Malone takes a job writing fluff pieces for her South Texas paper, she has no idea she's about to stumble into a juicy news story that could launch her career -- if it doesn't get her killed first. Almost as soon as she breaks out her press pass, she crosses paths with Marco Juarez, the macho PI obsessed with solving his sister's murder... more

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  • One Wrong Step (The Borderline #2)

    One Wrong Step (The Borderline #2)

    Laura Griffin

    · 10 ratings · published 2008

    SHE NEVER PLANNED TO GET INVOLVED WITH HER EX AGAIN, ESPECIALLY NOT IN HIS MURDER.... But that's just what happens when Celie Wells has an encounter with her former husband, and he turns up dead an hour later. Now, after working hard to distance herself from his crooked ways and shady connections, she finds she's smack dab in the middle of his murder investigation. And it isn't just the police who have their eye on her, but an enraged drug lord who is seeking payback... more

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