Passion Series by Jordan Silver

4.11 · 29 ratings
  • Passion (Passion #1)

    Passion (Passion #1)

    Jordan Silver

    · 16 ratings · published 2014

    Seventeen year old Carissa Sterling has just moved to sleepy Sea Crest to live with her father. She's not expecting much from the little nowhere town that's hardly on the map but she's in for a surprise when she meets Joshua Steele her first day of school. Josh isn't your average high school kid, his IQ, his family's wealth and his innate dominant personality sets him apart from all the rest and when the feisty newcomer snarls at him at first sight he sets out to show her who's boss... more

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  • Rebound (Passion #2)

    Rebound (Passion #2)

    Jordan Silver

    · 13 ratings · published 2014

    Matthew Steele is over it already. His last year of high school behind him and college looming ahead, the young heartthrob should be enjoying his last summer of freedom. Instead he's nursing a broken heart from the deception of the girl he thought he knew, until she started a campaign of destruction against his younger brother Josh and his new love. Now his brother is happy with his new bride, but Matt finds himself as a loss. Everything he'd planned for his future has gone up in smoke... more

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