Mistress Auctions Series by Alexa Riley

3.89 · 64 ratings
  • Buy Me (Mistress Auctions #1)

    Buy Me (Mistress Auctions #1)

    Alexa Riley

    · 28 ratings · published 2015

    The Cortez brothers have found the one, and they’ll do anything to own her…including buying her. Their obsession has driven them to the point of deceit, but they didn’t get to where they are today without getting their hands dirty to get what they wanted, and they’ll do anything to have her. Stella is desperate, and selling her virginity is her only option to save the family land... more

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  • Buy Me (Mistress Auctions #2)

    Buy Me (Mistress Auctions #2)

    Alexa Riley

    · 21 ratings · published 2015

    Welcome back to the Mistress Auction. This time it’s Halloween, and Mandy is going to have a wickedly good time. Working for Charles was a nightmare, and now that Mandy's time with him is up, there's only one way to satisfy her suppressed desires. The Mistress Auction can help her get Charles out of her system and start afresh. Charles has been watching and waiting for months. He has bided his time, and now is his chance to take what he wants... more

  • Buy Me - The Complete Series (Mistress Auctions #1-3)

    Buy Me - The Complete Series (Mistress Auctions #1-3)

    Alexa Riley

    · 15 ratings · published 2016

    Welcome to the Mistress Auctions! The Mistresses have been bundled together and now include the novella His First and Only, which was in the For the First Time bundle. This book includes the entire BUY ME series, featuring a menage, a light BDSM story, a virgin hero and heroine, and a winter/summer romance. There's a taste for everyone in here, so go on and take a bite. Warning: BUY ME is full of alpha heroes, sassy heroines, and lots of gooey steam... more

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