Insufferable Proximity Series by Z. Stefani

3.93 · 27 ratings
  • Insufferable Proximity (Insufferable Proximity #1)

    Insufferable Proximity (Insufferable Proximity #1)

    Z. Stefani

    · 17 ratings · published 2012

    Note: Alternate cover for ASIN B007FIIF34 Someone is hell-bent on sabotaging Julian King. Julian is a hot-shot lawyer and a natural born womanizer with an unnatural addiction to the opposite sex. He also happens to be the boss's son, which makes him a natural target. With a Rolodex filled with scorned women, a brother who loathes him and the competitors he defeated on his way to the top; there were plenty of people that would love to see him burn... more

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  • Insufferable Proximity 2 (Insufferable Proximity #2)

    Insufferable Proximity 2 (Insufferable Proximity #2)

    Z. Stefani

    · 10 ratings · published 2013

    After surviving a night of hell with the saboteur, Julian and Heaven attempt to get back to a normal life.

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