Coleman Family Saga Series by Sandra Brown

3.93 · 38 ratings
  • Sunset Embrace (Coleman Family Saga #1)

    Sunset Embrace (Coleman Family Saga #1)

    Sandra Brown

    · 21 ratings · published 1990

    They were two untamed outcasts on a Texas-bound wagon train. Two passionate travelers, united by need, threatened by pasts they could not outrun ... Lydia Bryant --- voluptuous and russet-haired, fleeing from a secret shame, vowing that never again would a man, any man, overpower her ... Ross Coleman --- dark, brooding and iron-willed, with the shadow of a lawless past in his piercing eyes, sworn to resist the temptation of his wanton longings .. more

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  • Another Dawn (Coleman Family Saga #2)

    Another Dawn (Coleman Family Saga #2)

    Sandra Brown

    · 17 ratings · published 1991

    Betrayal had ruined Banner Coleman's wedding day and on her wedding night she was a jilted bride. Now old seeds of greed and desire are harvesting a scandal --- and Banner's affair with an old family friend could shatter a friendship and a family. The Texas countryside was wide and wild, the barn was warm and musty, and the passion between Banner Coleman and her parents' best friend, Jake Langston, was going to be the start of trouble... more

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