Lei Crime Series by Toby Neal

3.93 · 54 ratings
  • Blood Orchids (Lei Crime #1)

    Blood Orchids (Lei Crime #1)

    Toby Neal

    · 16 ratings · published 2011

    Hawaii is palm trees, black sand and blue water—but for policewoman Lei Texeira, there’s a dark side to paradise. Lei has overcome a scarred past to make a life for herself as a cop in the sleepy Big Island town of Hilo. On a routine patrol she finds two murdered teenagers—one of whom she’d recently busted. With its echoes of her own past, the murdered girl’s harsh life and tragic death affect Lei deeply... more

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  • Torch Ginger (Lei Crime #2)

    Torch Ginger (Lei Crime #2)

    Toby Neal

    · 14 ratings · published 2012

    The island of Kaua`i is remote jungle, golden beaches and ancient culture--but transients are disappearing in paradise, and only Detective Lei Texeira notices. Fleeing a failed engagement, Detective Lei Texeira transfers to the island of Kaua`i, where she uncovers a pattern of disappearances that may be related to a bizarre cult--or is it just one madman at work? In Lei's world, everyone is guilty until proven innocent... more

  • Black Jasmine (Lei Crime #3)

    Black Jasmine (Lei Crime #3)

    Toby Neal

    · 14 ratings · published 2012

    “Toby Neal's stories have a relentless, charged energy that heats up every page.” Holly Robinson, author of Sleeping Tigers The island of Maui is turquoise ocean, stunning vistas, and whalesong—but organized crime has a hidden hold, and Detective Lei Texeira tracks evil that hides behind a beautiful face. Lei and Stevens find a haven on Maui—until their new life as a couple is interrupted by murder... more

  • Shattered Palms (Lei Crime #6)

    Shattered Palms (Lei Crime #6)

    Toby Neal

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    ***FINALIST*** 2015 Best Cover Design, International Book Awards Maui is lush mountains, cloud forest and exquisite birdsong—but for Detective Lei Texeira, arrows break that peace... more

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