Cisco Series by Fern Michaels

3.82 · 36 ratings
  • No Place Like Home (Cisco #1)

    No Place Like Home (Cisco #1)

    Fern Michaels

    · 14 ratings · published 2002

    Join beloved bestselling author Fern Michaels in her first holiday novel, a spirited, touching tale of three dynamic siblings who will do "anything" to bring their grandmother home for Christmas. The Cisco triplets are appalled by their widowed father's behavior. He seems to care more about his gold-digging fiancee than he does about his own son and daughters. Even worse, Dad put their spunky grandmother -- head of the family candy company -- in a nursing home against her will... more

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  • Family Blessings (Cisco #2)

    Family Blessings (Cisco #2)

    Fern Michaels

    · 10 ratings · published 2005

    A New Holiday Classic! This heartwarming and hilarious New York Times bestseller from Fern Michaels, the acclaimed author of Pretty Woman and Crown Jewel, will delight and inspire readers this and every holiday season. Right before Thanksgiving, a freak tornado drops down into the town of Larkspur in Pennsylvania's Allegheny Mountains and destroys the house where matriarch and candy magnate Loretta Cisco has lived for fifty years... more

  • Family Blessings: A Novel (Cisco #2)

    Family Blessings: A Novel (Cisco #2)

    Fern Michaels

    · 12 ratings · published 2004

    Right before Thanksgiving, a freak tornado descends on Larkspur, the small town in Pennsylvania's Allegheny Mountains where matriarch and candy magnate Loretta Cisco -- affectionately called "Cisco" by her grandchildren -- lives, and levels the home she's inhabited for fifty years. Then there's more bad news: Cisco's beloved triplet grandchildren, Hannah, Sara, and Sam, all newlyweds, are experiencing marital problems and they refuse to confide in their grandmother about what's wrong... more

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