Cabin Fever Series by Cameron Dane

3.76 · 43 ratings
  • The Sweetest Tattoo (Cabin Fever #1)

    The Sweetest Tattoo (Cabin Fever #1)

    Cameron Dane

    · 12 ratings · published 2011

    Her twin was a dead man. Tattoo artist Kelsie Cole cannot believe her brother would give his best friend use of his cabin the same week he promised it to her. She had been butting heads with straight-laced John McBride since they were kids. John McBride only takes one week of vacation a year, and there isn’t any way he’s driving down a mountain back to Raleigh just because Kelsie Cole is already standing on the porch staking her claim when he arrives... more

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  • Grey's Awakening (Cabin Fever #2)

    Grey's Awakening (Cabin Fever #2)

    Cameron Dane

    · 17 ratings · published 2011

    This book is related to The Sweetest Tattoo but can be read as a stand alone title. Greyson Cole needs to get out of Raleigh. Everywhere he turns, he sees people falling in love, getting married, and starting families. It’s enough to make a grown man want to rip out his own hair. And for a cynic like Grey, one more employee getting engaged signals the need for a long overdue vacation... more

  • A Younger Man (Cabin Fever #3)

    A Younger Man (Cabin Fever #3)

    Cameron Dane

    · 14 ratings · published 2013

    Recently divorced and out of the closet, Noah Maitland is a regular-Joe, salt-of-the-earth guy who is newly navigating the world of dating other men. So far he hasn’t had a lot of luck. Noah is a father first -- he has two teenage sons. As the owner of a handyman business in a small community, Noah wants someone to love who is also appropriate for where he is in his life... more

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