Dock Five Universe Series by Linnea Sinclair, Megan Sybil Baker

3.89 · 56 ratings
  • Gabriel's Ghost (Dock Five Universe #1)

    Gabriel's Ghost (Dock Five Universe #1)

    Linnea Sinclair, Megan Sybil Baker

    · 19 ratings · published 2005

    Award-winning author Linnea Sinclair brings her special sizzle to science fiction with this action-packed blend of otherworldly adventure and sexy stellar romance. After a decade of piloting interstellar patrol ships, former captain Chasidah Bergren, onetime pride of the Sixth Fleet, finds herself court-martialed for a crime she didn't commit-nd shipped off to a remote prison planet from which no one ever escapes... more

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  • Shades of Dark (Dock Five Universe #2)

    Shades of Dark (Dock Five Universe #2)

    Linnea Sinclair

    · 14 ratings · published 2008

    Can love alone save the day? Award-winning author Linnea Sinclair returns with a vibrant interstellar thriller of romance and adventure in which two lovers are tested in the crucible of deep space, where there are only ¦ Before her court-martial, Captain Chasidah -Chaz- Bergren was the pride of the Sixth Fleet. Now she's a fugitive from the -justice- of a corrupt Empire... more

  • Hope's Folly (Dock Five Universe #3)

    Hope's Folly (Dock Five Universe #3)

    Linnea Sinclair

    · 13 ratings · published 2009

    Admiral Philip Guthrie is in an unprecedented position: on the wrong end of the law, leading a ragtag band of rebels against the oppressive Imperial forces. Or would be if he can get his command ship-the derelict cruiser called Hope's Folly-functioning. Not much can rattle Philip's legendary cool-but the woman who helps him foil an assassination attempt on Kirro Station will... more

  • Rebels and Lovers (Dock Five Universe #4)

    Rebels and Lovers (Dock Five Universe #4)

    Linnea Sinclair

    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    Out of options… Techno-billionaire Devin Guthrie can’t forget Captain Makaiden Griggs even though it’s been two years since she was in his family’s employ. A Guthrie does not fall in love with a mere shuttle pilot. Going against his wealthy family’s wishes isn’t an option—not with the Empire in political upheaval, much of it caused by Devin’s renegade older brother, Admiral Philip Guthrie... more

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