Scarred by Love Series by C.A. Harms

4.17 · 39 ratings
  • Scarred by Love (Scarred by Love #1)

    Scarred by Love (Scarred by Love #1)

    C.A. Harms

    · 13 ratings · published 2014

    Riley thought she was in love... She thought she found the perfect guy until his aggressive behavior became too much for her to handle. Hurt and alone, she withdrew from the world, and hid from the chance of ever loving again. Zander, a sexy voiced lead singer and guitar player, had his sights set on Riley... Even though she continued to push him away. Riley was guarded and hesitant when it came to bad boys. After all, it was a bad boy who shattered her once before... more

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  • Broken by Love (Scarred by Love #2)

    Broken by Love (Scarred by Love #2)

    C.A. Harms

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    Kate thought she and Carson had finally reached level ground. They had moved in together and were preparing for the arrival of their baby. She never thought they would only be driven further apart by his withdrawn and distant behavior. Carson had always had his freedom, and for a moment, he thought he could still live that life. Only Kate needs more. She can no longer pretend that what he’s willing to offer is enough... more

  • Shattered By Love (Scarred by Love #3)

    Shattered By Love (Scarred by Love #3)

    C.A. Harms

    · 8 ratings · published 2014

    He was the one. The man she wanted with all her heart. But it took years before Bree realized she deserved more then what Max was willing to give. Max, was cocky and arrogant… Too strong-headed to admit that he felt more for Bree than just lust. Then it happened… One devastating night, and it shook Max to his very core. That’s when he began to see life in whole new way. Now he’s left to sort through the mess that he’s created... more

  • Torn by Love (Scarred by Love #4)

    Torn by Love (Scarred by Love #4)

    C.A. Harms

    · 8 ratings · published 2015

    Lily’s life was anything but easy. It was always her and her brother against the world. They lost their father unexpectedly, and their mother left long ago. Until she met Tanner Parks her life was basic… Uneventful but simple. He was the unattainable bad boy… Just out of reach yet Lily longed for him desperately. He was foul mouthed and cocky… Demanding and arrogant. But he was exactly what Lily needed… He made her stronger... more

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