Fairy Tales Series by Teresa Medeiros

3.84 · 60 ratings
  • Charming the Prince (Fairy Tales #1)

    Charming the Prince (Fairy Tales #1)

    Teresa Medeiros

    · 29 ratings · published 1999

    He never lost a battle until he met the one woman who might succeed in...Charming the Prince. Dear Reader, My enemies know me as Lord Bannor the Bold, Pride of the English and Terror of the French. Never in my life have I backed down from any challenge or betrayed so much as a hint of fear—until the war ended and I found myself a reluctant papa to a dozen unruly children... more

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  • The Bride and the Beast (Fairy Tales #2)

    The Bride and the Beast (Fairy Tales #2)

    Teresa Medeiros

    · 34 ratings · published 2001

    Dear Reader,I'd been prowling the crumbling ruins of Castle Weyrcraig for so long that I could no longer remember if I was man or beast. Then one stormy night the superstitious Highlanders of Ballybliss decided to leave a helpless virgin bound to a stake in the castle courtyard to satisfy my insatiable appetites. My demands might strike terror in the hearts of men, but this bold beauty dared to defy me... more

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