Goddess War Series by Kendare Blake

3.78 · 32 ratings
  • Antigoddess (Goddess War #1)

    Antigoddess (Goddess War #1)

    Kendare Blake

    · 18 ratings · published 2014

    The Goddess War begins in Antigoddess , the first installment of the new series by acclaimed author of Anna Dressed in Blood , Kendare Blake.   Old Gods never die… Or so Athena thought. But then the feathers started sprouting beneath her skin, invading her lungs like a strange cancer, and Hermes showed up with a fever eating away his flesh. So much for living a quiet eternity in perpetual health... more

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  • Mortal Gods (Goddess War #2)

    Mortal Gods (Goddess War #2)

    Kendare Blake

    · 14 ratings · published 2014

    Ares, God of War, is leading the other dying gods into battle. Which is just fine with Athena. She's ready to wage a war of her own, and she's never liked him anyway. If Athena is lucky, the winning gods will have their immortality restored. If not, at least she'll have killed the bloody lot of them, and she and Hermes can die in peace. Cassandra Weaver is a weapon of fate. The girl who kills gods. But all she wants is for the god she loved and lost to return to life... more

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