Sea Wolves Series by Kinley MacGregor

3.94 · 26 ratings
  • Master of Seduction (Sea Wolves #1)

    Master of Seduction (Sea Wolves #1)

    Kinley MacGregor

    · 12 ratings · published 2005

    The infamous pirate Black Jack Rhys never encountered a ship he could not board or a woman he could not bed. But the dashing brigand may have met his match in the fiery beauty who has vowed to bring him to justice . . . A fearless, flame-haired enchantress, Lorelei Dupree believes she has a duty to her fiancé and to the city of Charleston to help end the reign of the notorious Black Jack... more

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  • A Pirate of Her Own (Sea Wolves #2)

    A Pirate of Her Own (Sea Wolves #2)

    Kinley MacGregor

    · 14 ratings · published 2005

    Few know Morgan Drake's true name—but many fear the Sea Wolf, the scourge of the ocean, a fearless pirate who frees impressed American sailors from British vessels. Now a beautiful reporter is willing to risk her life, her innocence, and her heart to reveal the secrets that Morgan is determined to protect at any cost . . . A headstrong and courageous young woman in a man's world, Serenity James knows she is barely tolerated in her father's newspaper office... more

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