I diari delle streghe Series by L.J. Smith, Aubrey Clark

3.78 · 34 ratings
  • The Divide (I diari delle streghe #5)

    The Divide (I diari delle streghe #5)

    L.J. Smith, Aubrey Clark

    · 18 ratings · published 2012

    Keep your enemies close. . . . For the first time since moving to New Salem, Cassie Blake feels normal. She's dating her soul mate Adam and making new friends in town. But between the secret coven of witches she belongs to and the incredible power she holds within her, Cassie is leading a far from ordinary life. When tragedy strikes the Circle, Cassie realizes being extraordinary can be a curse. The Circle is being hunted by an unknown enemy—and anyone could be the next victim... more

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  • The Hunt (I diari delle streghe #6)

    The Hunt (I diari delle streghe #6)

    L.J. Smith, Aubrey Clark

    · 16 ratings · published 2012

    The Hunt, from the bestselling author of The Vampire Diaries L. J. Smith, is a dangerously exciting tale of love, witchcraft, and the supernatural, perfect for fans of the Beautiful Creatures series. Cassie's life is far from ordinary. Her best friends are a coven of witches and her relationship with her boyfriend, Adam, is written in the stars. As the leader of the Secret Circle, it is up to her to keep them safe... more

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