Marine Series by Susan Andersen, Richard Ferrone

3.86 · 58 ratings
  • Head Over Heels (Marine #1)

    Head Over Heels (Marine #1)

    Susan Andersen

    · 16 ratings · published 2012

    Who said, "you can't go home again"? In Veronica Davis's case, who'd want to—especially when you hail from Fossil, Washington? But now she's back among the kooks and crazies, the small-time losers and the jerks who think she's fair game just because she's in a waitress uniform. The truth is, Veronica's the boss—at least until she can sell the family saloon and skip town again as fast as her pretty legs can carry her—and nobody knows that better than Cooper Blackstock... more

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  • Getting Lucky (Marine #2)

    Getting Lucky (Marine #2)

    Susan Andersen

    · 14 ratings · published 2012

    Road trip! It started out as an impulsive lark for Lily Morrisette, fueled by her strong chemical reaction to sexy Zach Taylor. A tough, blustery, yet tender-in-spite-of-himself career military man, Zach's determined to break up his darling "baby sister" Glynnis's wedding engagement . . . and Lily's coming along for the ride. But there's no Glynnis waiting for them at the end of the line—only a ransom note . . . and a death threat... more

  • Hot & Bothered (Marine #3)

    Hot & Bothered (Marine #3)

    Susan Andersen, Richard Ferrone

    · 14 ratings · published 2009

    Length: 11 hrs and 13 mins When Victoria Hamilton's vacation fling resulted in a baby, she began a new life far from her overbearing family. Now Tori's father has been murdered--and her half brother, Jared, needs her help to prove his innocence. But confronting her past when she comes face-to-face with private investigator John "Rocket" Miglionni sure isn't what she had in mind... more

  • Coming Undone (Marine #4)

    Coming Undone (Marine #4)

    Susan Andersen

    · 14 ratings · published 2012

    It's supposed to be the biggest summer of Priscilla Jayne Morgan's life. She's on the brink of country music superstardom, yet she had to fire her crooked-manager Mama, and the tabloids are having a field day. Now her record label's hired a watchdog to escort her on her massive summer tour. And not just anyone, either—they sicced Jared Hamilton on her, the guy she once idolized more than anyone in the world. Well, she doesn't care how hot he is... more

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