An Unforgettable Lady Series by Jessica Bird

3.87 · 43 ratings
  • An Unforgettable Lady (An Unforgettable Lady #1)

    An Unforgettable Lady (An Unforgettable Lady #1)

    Jessica Bird

    · 22 ratings · published 2010

    She thought she had everything she ever wanted...until she met the only man she'd ever need. . . . Forced into the spotlight by her fabulous wealth, heiress Grace Hall isn't always prepared for the consequences of her standing. When a string of attacks against the city's most prominent women leaves Grace vulnerable, the refined beauty reluctantly hires a bodyguard. Now she finds herself subject to the ironclad will of her new protector... more

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  • An Irresistible Bachelor (An Unforgettable Lady #2)

    An Irresistible Bachelor (An Unforgettable Lady #2)

    Jessica Bird

    · 21 ratings · published 2004

    He was a confirmed bachelor -- and a gorgeous work of art. For struggling art conservationist Callie Burke, the chance to restore a world-famous painting is the opportunity of a lifetime -- one that no one in her right mind would turn down. Call her crazy, but Callie has serious reservations about working with the painting's owner. Warm and sexy, Jack Walker makes no attempt to hide the strong attraction he feels for Callie -- even as she tries to keep their relationship professional... more

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