Fae-Witch Series by Jenna Bernel

4.16 · 38 ratings
  • The Secret Trinity: Glass Castles (Fae-Witch #0.5)

    The Secret Trinity: Glass Castles (Fae-Witch #0.5)

    Jenna Bernel

    · 6 ratings · published 2013

    Clay can't sleep, he never could. Every night he'd close his eyes knowing the dreams would be waiting, but he couldn't quite understand them, making each night more restless than the last. Clay was desperate to find answers to his dreams, and his need to escape Draíochta was beginning to drive him mad. He badly missed his Brother and wanted to visit him, but deep down he knew the need to leave was about more than family... more

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  • The Secret Trinity: Unearth (Fae-Witch #1)

    The Secret Trinity: Unearth (Fae-Witch #1)

    Jenna Bernel

    · 12 ratings · published 2013

    Aria Darwin has always considered herself cursed. She is obsessed with finding a cure for the bad boyfriend plague. Worse yet, she’s in denial about her weird abilities and terrified of her mysterious stalker who causes the earth to quake violently with the snap of his finger. With her two best friends, Aria enters her first semester of college armed with a “no more men” pact in an effort to demagnetize the sleaze balls... more

  • The Secret Trinity: Ignite (Fae-Witch #2)

    The Secret Trinity: Ignite (Fae-Witch #2)

    Jenna Bernel

    · 10 ratings · published 2012

    If time heals all wounds, then Aria Darwin’s clock has stopped. No amount of magic elixir can repair a broken heart. In the aftermath of untruths and tainted love, Aria is unsure if she will ever recover to see the light of her destiny. Now living in the enchanted city of Draíochta, along with her two best friends, Aria struggles to find her place in the Kingdom. A plan must be set to ensure the safety of her people, but how can they believe in her if she can’t believe in herself... more

  • The Secret Trinity: Reign (Fae-Witch #3)

    The Secret Trinity: Reign (Fae-Witch #3)

    Jenna Bernel

    · 10 ratings · published 2012

    For Aria Darwin, playing with fire has become a way of life, not because her powers have finally been unearthed, but because she’s drawn to the dormant light sparking behind Clay’s eyes. With every move towards that light, she risks her title as Queen. Even though she’s terrified of getting burned by the backdraft, Aria can’t seem to ignore the tempered blaze buried in her heart. After a disturbing vision, Aria withholds a deadly secret in order to protect her Kingdom... more

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