Vallerands Series by Lisa Kleypas

3.91 · 43 ratings
  • When Strangers Marry (Vallerands #1)

    When Strangers Marry (Vallerands #1)

    Lisa Kleypas

    · 21 ratings · published 2002

    Dear Reader, Nearly a decade ago, I published my fist novel with Avon Books, Only in Your Arms. Since then, romance has changed-and so have I—so I decided to give the book a makeover—and a new title, When Strangers Marry. I have two reasons for changing the title... more

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  • Only With Your Love (Vallerands #2)

    Only With Your Love (Vallerands #2)

    Lisa Kleypas

    · 22 ratings · published 2002

    The newlywed bride of a Creole aristocrat, Celia Vallerand prays for deliverance from the bloodthirsty brigands who abducted her from a New Orleans-bound schooner. Though she believes her beloved husband slain, and despairs for her own life, the shy French beauty fears above all the dashing privateer who pays a king's ransom to claim her...and boldly risks capture to possess her... more

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