Devil's Renegade MC Series by Kim Jones

4.12 · 28 ratings
  • Clubwhore (Devil's Renegade MC #1)

    Clubwhore (Devil's Renegade MC #1)

    Kim Jones

    · 15 ratings · published 2016

    "The hottest book you'll read this year, Clubwhore is unexpectedly poignant, gritty, raw, and tells a love story so epic, you'll never, ever forget it." –New York Times bestselling author Katy Evans I’m that girl… The girl every woman loves to hate. The one your man dreams about. I live up to my name… CLUBWHORE. And this is my story. She needs something. Something Devil’s Renegade MC Sergeant at Arms Bryce is more than willing to give. But he’s not the kind of man who asks. He takes... more

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  • Patchwhore (Devil's Renegade MC #2)

    Patchwhore (Devil's Renegade MC #2)

    Kim Jones

    · 13 ratings · published 2016

    I’M THAT GIRL… The girl who thought she was living her happily ever after. The one who fell for the lies. A victim of infidelity. After months of heartache and loss, anger ensued. Rage replaced sadness. Fury took over heartache. Revenge became irresistible. Now he’ll feel what I felt. One by one, his brothers will take his place in my bed. They have a name for me in the MC world… PATCHWHORE. And this is my story... more

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