Planet Pirates Series by Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Moon

3.88 · 50 ratings
  • Sassinak (Planet Pirates #1)

    Sassinak (Planet Pirates #1)

    Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Moon

    · 18 ratings · published 1990

    OLD ENOUGH TO BE USED, YOUNG ENOUGH TO BE BROKEN Sassinak was twelve when the raiders came. That made her just the right age: old enough to be used, young enough to be broken. Or so the slavers thought. But Sassy turned out to be a little different from your typical slave girl. Maybe it was her unusual physical strength. Maybe it was her friendship with the captured Fleet crewman. Maybe it was her spirit. Whatever it was, it wouldn't let her resign herself to the life of a slave... more

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  • The Death of Sleep (Planet Pirates #2)

    The Death of Sleep (Planet Pirates #2)

    Anne McCaffrey,

    · 16 ratings · published 1990


  • Generation Warriors (Planet Pirates #3)

    Generation Warriors (Planet Pirates #3)

    Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Moon

    · 16 ratings · published 1991

    These people will save the Galaxy... LUNZIE - who has discovered that the one good heavyworlder she ever met isn't so good after all... FORDELITON - who has been sent to investigate the connection between the super-rich and the planet pirates, and is dying of a mysterious slow poison... DUPAYNIL - who has made the mistake of pushing Sassinak too far, has been exiled to Seti space... AYGAR - who is out to prove he has brains as well as heavyworlder brawn.. more

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