Guardian's Diary Series by Amelia Hutchins

4.29 · 36 ratings
  • Darkest Before Dawn (Guardian's Diary #1)

    Darkest Before Dawn (Guardian's Diary #1)

    Amelia Hutchins

    · 20 ratings · published 2014

    Going through an apocalyptic event doesn't mean the end of the world. My dad is a modern day Noah, you know building an ark, trying to save folks and getting my brother, and I ready for the impending end of days – whatever that means. Nothing in his prepper manuals had us ready for what actually happened. I had nothing to prepare me for Jaeden and Lachlan. Heck, I don’t know of any girl that would have been prepared for those two... more

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  • Death Before Dawn (Guardian's Diary #2)

    Death Before Dawn (Guardian's Diary #2)

    Amelia Hutchins

    · 16 ratings · published 2017

    Hello Diary, Not sure when I will have a chance to write again, so I’ll have to make this fast. The search for my brother has been a long one and what I have seen along the way makes me question everything I was taught to believe about people and reinforces what my father said might happen if an apocalyptic event were to occur. Jaeden and I have not had the easiest of times around each other, and I feel as If something is wrong. Way wrong... more

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