Storm Front Series by Sharon Sala

3.98 · 33 ratings
  • Blown Away (Storm Front #1)

    Blown Away (Storm Front #1)

    Sharon Sala

    · 12 ratings · published 2010

    Writer Cari North thought she knew all there was to know about plot twists—until she stumbled across her ex-fiancé, Lance Morgan, digging a shallow grave in the Louisiana woods. After one horrifying moment of shared recognition, Cari knew her life hinged upon whether she could outrun Lance and the hurricane-spawned tornado that was barreling down on their heels.Just when she thinks she's lost Lance and heads for home, the storm throws in yet another twist that will change her fate—forever... more

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  • Torn Apart (Storm Front #2)

    Torn Apart (Storm Front #2)

    Sharon Sala

    · 10 ratings · published 2010

    The twister that touches down in Bordelaise, Louisiana, not only destroys the calm of a summer Sunday, it pierces the soul of Katie Earle, whose young son Bobby goes missing…and it wasn't the storm that took him. Katie's first thought is that her estranged husband, J.R., saw his chance and grabbed Bobby to spite her. But the reality goes beyond that to truly horrifying, and now her nightmare is only just beginning... more

  • Swept Aside (Storm Front #3)

    Swept Aside (Storm Front #3)

    Sharon Sala

    · 11 ratings · published 2010

    Shell-shocked after a nightmarish school shooting, Amalie Pope retreats to an aging plantation house near Bordelaise, Louisiana, to heal, physically and emotionally. She's there barely an hour when a tornado rips through bayou country, mercifully leaving the house intact. She's stranded, but unafraid—until a knock on the door. Four escaped prisoners barge inside, and in an instant Amalie is a hostage again. These men are wounded, desperate and dangerous—with one exception... more

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