Spellcrackers.com Series by Suzanne McLeod

3.87 · 44 ratings
  • The Sweet Scent of Blood (Spellcrackers.com #1)

    The Sweet Scent of Blood (Spellcrackers.com #1)

    Suzanne McLeod

    · 14 ratings · published 2010

    'My name is Genny Taylor. I work for Spellcrackers.com. It’s a great job, pays the rent, lets me do the thing I’m good at – finding magic and cracking it – and the bonus is it’s run by witches, which stops the vamps from taking a bite out of me. Not that vampires are the big bad any more, not since they launched a slick PR campaign – ­ oh, and they brought the goblins on board... more

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  • The Cold Kiss of Death (Spellcrackers.com #2)

    The Cold Kiss of Death (Spellcrackers.com #2)

    Suzanne McLeod

    · 12 ratings · published 2011

    Genny Taylor works for Spellcrackers.com ± Making Magic Safe. But her own life is anything but safe! ‘The ghost grasped her shift and ripped it open. The three interlacing crescents carved red-raw and bleeding into her thin chest didn’t look any better than the last dozen times I’d seen them. The wounds weren’t lethal – they weren’t even recent; she’d been dead for at least a hundred and fifty years – but my gut still twisted with anger that someone would do that to a child... more

  • The Bitter Seed of Magic (Spellcrackers.com #3)

    The Bitter Seed of Magic (Spellcrackers.com #3)

    Suzanne McLeod

    · 10 ratings · published 2011

    On the surface, Genny's life seems ripple-free right now. Finn, her sexy boss and -- well, Genny's not sure what else she wants him to be -- has stopped pushing for a decision on their relationship. The seductive vampire Malik al-Khan has vanished back into the shadows. And the witches have declared her no longer a threat. But unless Genny can find a way to break the fertility curse afflicting London's fae, she knows this is just the lull before the magical storm... more

  • The Shifting Price of Prey (Spellcrackers.com #4)

    The Shifting Price of Prey (Spellcrackers.com #4)

    Suzanne McLeod

    · 8 ratings · published 2014

    Sometimes a bit of magical help might cost more than you bargained for . . . London is hosting the Carnival Fantastique, and Genny's job has never been busier or more fulfilling. Only not everyone is so happy. Genny believed she'd cracked the fae's infertility curse . . . but the fae are still barren. It's a devastating plight to which the mysterious Emperor may have the solution - if Genny can find him. She needs help... more

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