Rodesson's Daughters Series by Sharon Page

3.91 · 33 ratings
  • Sin (Rodesson's Daughters #1)

    Sin (Rodesson's Daughters #1)

    Sharon Page

    · 13 ratings · published 2006

    Venetia Hamilton is no stranger to erotic art - her father's lush paintings are one of society's secret pleasures. But Venetia has never experienced true desire. Not until she meets Michael Wyndham, the Earl of Trent - a powerful man who holds her future in his hands and awakens her curiosity with one searing kiss. His expert touch is only the beginning of her carnal education, but something more dangerous than submission may be the price she pays for such unimaginable delight...

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  • Black Silk (Rodesson's Daughters #2)

    Black Silk (Rodesson's Daughters #2)

    Sharon Page

    · 11 ratings · published 2008

    touch of ecstasy... Maryanne Hamilton had expected to be shocked, but the wanton orgy she finds in Mrs. Master’s salon makes her wonder if she has walked into hell. Desperate to escape, she comes upon the master of sin himself - Lord Swansborough. Fascinated by his nakedness, she longs to touch every inch of his long, hard body. And when he bids her come near, she quickly surrenders to his wicked promise of carnal pleasure and sensual ecstasy…

  • Hot Silk (Rodesson's Daughters #3)

    Hot Silk (Rodesson's Daughters #3)

    Sharon Page

    · 9 ratings · published 2008

    Absolute Surrender Two years ago, with her reputation already in jeopardy, Miss Grace Hamilton gave herself to a powerful, compelling stranger in one night of delicious, quivering ecstasy. Wild, bold, and wickedly sensual, Devlin Sharpe is a highwayman and pirate - a scoundrel whose world is ruled solely by pleasure... more

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