D.C. Detectives Series by Nora Roberts

3.80 · 45 ratings
  • Sacred Sins (D.C. Detectives #1)

    Sacred Sins (D.C. Detectives #1)

    Nora Roberts

    · 25 ratings · published 1987

    Combining explosive suspense with sensual passion, Nora Roberts turns up the heat in this classic tale — the sizzling story of a man and woman on the trail of a demented killer, a search that will plunge them headlong into danger.... In the lazy days of summer, a merciless heat wave is the biggest story in Washington, D.C. But the weather is knocked off the front pages when a young woman is found strangled to death. A note left behind reads Her sins are forgiven her... more

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  • Brazen Virtue (D.C. Detectives #2)

    Brazen Virtue (D.C. Detectives #2)

    Nora Roberts

    · 20 ratings · published 1988

    After a demanding book tour, superstar mystery novelist Grace McCabe decides to visit her sister, Kathleen, who’s embroiled in a custody battle after a bitter divorce. Arriving in D.C., Grace is shocked to find Kathleen living in a run-down neighborhood and, hoping to afford a hotshot lawyer, supplementing her meager teacher’s salary by moonlighting as a phone sex operator. According to Kathleen, Fantasy, Inc., guarantees its employees ironclad anonymity... more

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