Legacy Series by Catherine Coulter

3.86 · 44 ratings
  • The Wyndham Legacy (Legacy #1)

    The Wyndham Legacy (Legacy #1)

    Catherine Coulter

    · 16 ratings · published 1994

    Marcus Wyndham never asked to become the Earl of Chase. The Duchess never asked to be illegitimate. And neither of these two asked that their fates become so entwined. Marcus is passionate, quick to rage, just as quick to laughter. He's tough, opinionated, domineering, known as the devil's own son. The Duchess is serene and aloof -- she has silence down to a fine art. She is always in control, her smiles as rare as bawdy jests in the pulpit... more

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  • The Nightingale Legacy (Legacy #2)

    The Nightingale Legacy (Legacy #2)

    Catherine Coulter

    · 14 ratings · published 1995

    Caroline Derwent-Jones is at the eve of her nineteenth birthday. She's chomping at the bit to get out from under the control of her smarmy guardian, the frighteningly obsessive Roland Ffalkes. But Ffalkes has other plans for Caroline. She manages to escape him only to find herself in the fascinating company of Frederick North Nightingale, Lord Chilton... more

  • The Valentine Legacy (Legacy #3)

    The Valentine Legacy (Legacy #3)

    Catherine Coulter

    · 14 ratings · published 1996

    Dear Reader: In the early 1820s, horse racing was a down and dirty sport. James Wyndham, who owns racing stables in both England and America, finds his racing nemesis in red-haired Jessie Warfield, renowned hoyden and champion jockey, who knows as many dirty racing tricks as James does. When either wins a race, the other's nose gets rubbed in the dirt. Jessie has known James for six years, since she was fourteen years old... more

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