Push Series by Claire Wallis

3.69 · 26 ratings
  • Push (Push #1)

    Push (Push #1)

    Claire Wallis

    · 16 ratings · published 2014

    I feel like I am wrapped in a cyclone. Everything is whirling around me, drawing the air out of my lungs and filling me with the best kind of turmoil. Every time his tongue slides against mine, a prickle in my gut tells me how right we are together. How much I need David. How much I need us.I hope the cyclone never stops. Emma Searfoss has spent a lifetime trying to escape her abusive stepfather. It's why she moved far away from home. It's why she's kept no ties with her remaining family... more

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  • Pull (Push #2)

    Pull (Push #2)

    Claire Wallis

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    PULL is the continuation of Claire Wallis' sharp and shocking debut novel, PUSH. It is the second book in the series and is not intended to be a standalone. "It is impossible for someone like me—someone with a sin-list capable of wrapping itself around the world—to find redemption. To be repaired." David Calgaro has secrets, and the only woman he's ever loved is about to pay the ultimate price to protect them. He's spent a lifetime searching for purpose and control... more

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