Scandalous Highlanders Series by Suzanne Enoch

3.88 · 53 ratings
  • One Hot Scot (Scandalous Highlanders #0.5)

    One Hot Scot (Scandalous Highlanders #0.5)

    Suzanne Enoch

    · 11 ratings · published 2013

    A Special Holiday Story! While attending her aunt's wedding in Inverness, Julia Prentiss is literally swept off her feet by a man who kidnaps her for her fortune. Julia manages to escape from his estate in the Highlands, only to find herself alone, lost, and hunted in a strange land. When she stumbles across a naked man in a lake, she thinks her luck has gone from bad to worse…or has it? Duncan Lenox lives surrounded by enemies, a MacLawry in a land of Campbells... more

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  • The Devil Wears Kilts (Scandalous Highlanders #1)

    The Devil Wears Kilts (Scandalous Highlanders #1)

    Suzanne Enoch

    · 15 ratings · published 2013

    On a mission to rescue his runaway sister from the lure of flowery compliments and a useless lot of satin-clad scalawags disguised by their snooty titles, Ranulf MacLawry, Marquis of Glengask, has roared into British society like a storm across the Highlands... more

  • Rogue with a Brogue (Scandalous Highlanders #2)

    Rogue with a Brogue (Scandalous Highlanders #2)

    Suzanne Enoch

    · 13 ratings · published 2014

    A Rogue For Every Lady London, 1817: Stuck in a Mayfair ballroom, thanks to his lovestruck brother, Highlander Arran MacLawry wants nothing but a bit of distraction from an arranged betrothal—and a clever auburn-haired lass in a vixen's mask promises just that . . . until he discovers that she's the granddaughter of the Campbell, chief of clan MacLawry's longtime rival... more

  • Some Like it Scot (Scandalous Highlanders #4)

    Some Like it Scot (Scandalous Highlanders #4)

    Suzanne Enoch

    · 14 ratings · published 2015

    Munro MacLawry has always lived up to his nickname "Bear." Strong and brawny, he's known in his clan to be fiercely protective. Sadly for him, each of his siblings becomes "less highlander" as they get married, and Bear is left rowdy and alone with no one to protect. That is, until a routine hunt leads to the most alluring of creatures… Catriona MacColl doesn't care to amuse the brash, strong, and sexy highlander she stumbles upon in the woods... more

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