Scruples Series by Judith Krantz

3.70 · 48 ratings
  • Scruples (Scruples #1)

    Scruples (Scruples #1)

    Judith Krantz

    · 24 ratings · published 1989

    Scruples is the novel that created publishing history, the first-and widely acknowledged to be the very best-novel ever written about the staggeringly luxurious life of a Beverly Hills boutique and the people who work in it. Scruples was translated into twenty languages and made Rodeo Drive famous around the world. The New York Post said that " Scruples was born to be a smash bestseller. . more

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  • Scruples Two: Fifteen Years Later (Scruples #2)

    Scruples Two: Fifteen Years Later (Scruples #2)

    Judith Krantz

    · 14 ratings · published 1984

    Billy Ikehorn: Meet again the magnificent owner of Scruples. Billy is imperious and stubborn, a creature of rampant sexuality, too rich, too vulnerable and far, far too impulsive. The story begins on the day after Scruples ended, the day on which Billy's husband, producer Vito Orsini, won the Oscar for Best Picture. Spider Elliot, who reigns like a pasha at Scruples, is a man who adores women and can read their minds. He is more than tough enough to stand up to Billy... more

  • Lovers (Scruples #3)

    Lovers (Scruples #3)

    Judith Krantz

    · 10 ratings · published 1995

    Lovers is pure Krantz, an  intoxicating dance of love lost, stolen, and found  among women and men who lure each other with potent  combinations of money, talent, ambition, and  passion. Chief among them is irresistible Gigi Orsini,  the high-spirited, merry, adventurous creature who  grew up into enchanting womanhood in Scruples Two... more

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