Aurora Rising Series by G.S. Jennsen

4.03 · 22 ratings
  • Starshine (Aurora Rising #1)

    Starshine (Aurora Rising #1)

    G.S. Jennsen

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    Space is vast and untamed, and it holds many secrets. Now two individuals from opposite ends of settled space are on a collision course with the darkest of those secrets, even as the world threatens to explode around them. The year is 2322. Humanity has expanded into the stars, inhabiting over 100 worlds across a third of the galaxy. Though thriving as never before, they have discovered neither alien life nor the key to utopia... more

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  • Vertigo (Aurora Rising #2)

    Vertigo (Aurora Rising #2)

    G.S. Jennsen

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    Where do you run when there is no escape? Where do you turn when the enemy within is as dangerous as the enemy unknown? The year is 2322 and humanity is under attack. An engineered war between rival superpowers escalates even as the shadowy Metigen armada begins attacking colonies on the frontiers of settled space. Individuals from across the galaxy fight for their own survival and to protect those they hold dear, while a group of unlikely allies race to expose a secret cabal... more

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