Please Don't Tell Series by Kelly Mooney

3.79 · 26 ratings
  • Please Don't Tell (Please Don't Tell #1)

    Please Don't Tell (Please Don't Tell #1)

    Kelly Mooney

    · 16 ratings · published 2012

    Sixteen-year old, Sophie Gerrard has been in love with her close friend, Peter Watson since childhood. She planned to tell him how she felt during their families’ yearly vacation to the Caribbean. But when Peter arrives from London with a girlfriend and his cousin Ethan, her plans change. Disgusted by how the vacation has turned out, she agrees to go island hopping with Ethan, to avoid Peter. But even that didn’t work out as planned... more

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  • Please Don't Go (Please Don't Tell #2)

    Please Don't Go (Please Don't Tell #2)

    Kelly Mooney

    · 10 ratings · published 2012

    The day Ethan Chapman found out that his father had been killed, his life quickly spiraled out of control. After his mother forced him to move back to London to be closer to family, his life still hadn't changed. The only difference was that this time he had a partner, his cousin, Peter Watson. Night after night of hitting pubs, Peter finally convinced him to go on their yearly vacation to the Caribbean... more

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