Petaybee Series by Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

3.84 · 51 ratings
  • Powers That Be (Petaybee #1)

    Powers That Be (Petaybee #1)

    Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

    · 19 ratings · published 1994

    Major Yanaba Maddock wasn't much good to the company anymore. With lungs practically destroyed by poison gas in a military debacle, she could barely breathe without coughing, much less do anything the least bit strenuous. But it wasn't the company's way to discard those they might still find some use for...and so they retired Yana to the icy planet Petaybee to do their spying. Strange things were happening on Petaybee, it seemed. Unauthorized genetically engineered species had been spotted... more

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  • Power Lines (Petaybee #2)

    Power Lines (Petaybee #2)

    Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

    · 16 ratings · published 1995

    "A felicitous combination of authors." --Kirkus Reviews Yanaba Maddock's short-lived career as a company spy had ended the moment the planet Petaybee and its people had adopted her as one of their own. Now she was dedicated to keeping Intergal from exploiting and wounding--or even killing--the world she had come to love. For Intergal persisted in denying that Petaybee was sentient, and nothing would stop it from stripping the ore-rich planet--sentient or not... more

  • Power Play (Petaybee #3)

    Power Play (Petaybee #3)

    Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

    · 16 ratings · published 1996

    Petaybee was growing up. Day by day, the sentient planet--like any child--was learning to recognize and understand the meaning of outside stimuli, to respond to those stimuli, to communicate its own needs and desires...even to use human speech.Yanaba Maddock had appointed herself defender of her adopted planet, and she had even succeeded in proving its sentience to all the nonbelievers... more

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