Robin Hood Series by Marsha Canham

4.10 · 33 ratings
  • Through a Dark Mist (Robin Hood #1)

    Through a Dark Mist (Robin Hood #1)

    Marsha Canham

    · 13 ratings · published 1991

    RISING ABOVE AN EAGLE'S EYRIE, THE SOARING PASSION OF FORBIDDEN LOVE As the misty forest quivers with the deadly flight of arrows, a tale of revenge and fated passion unfolds. An outlaw known as the Black Wolf of Lincoln dares to stand before the slender, golden loveliness of Lady Servanne de Briscourt—and in one swift, trembling moment, the future of a kingdom is changed... more

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  • In the Shadow of Midnight (Robin Hood #2)

    In the Shadow of Midnight (Robin Hood #2)

    Marsha Canham

    · 9 ratings · published 1994

    IGNITED BY A TREASONOUS PLOT, A PASSION DEFYING A KING'S COMMAND. Niece to the powerful Marshal of England, Lady Ariel de Clare was as skilled with the broadsword as any knight—a fierce, headstrong beauty determined to disobey the King himself rather than marry by decree. No man would ever command her. And no man did—until she met the legendary warrior pledged to see her safely to Wales, the bastard son of a nobleman who challenged her untamed soul... more

  • The Last Arrow (Robin Hood #3)

    The Last Arrow (Robin Hood #3)

    Marsha Canham

    · 11 ratings · published 1997

    The Last Arrow The Prince of Darkness She caught him trespassing on her family's lands, the sensuous and mysterious knight who had come to Normandy to challenge her brother, Robin, in the tournament at Chateau Gaillard.  Brenna Wardieu's well-honed instincts warned her that Griffyn Renaud was no ordinary mercenary.  When she discovered he was the invincible Prince of Darkness, undefeated champion in three lands, she feared he has been hired to do more than just defeat Robin in the lists... more

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