I So Don't Do... Series by Barrie Summy

3.98 · 22 ratings
  • I So Don't Do Mysteries (I So Don't Do... #1)

    I So Don't Do Mysteries (I So Don't Do... #1)

    Barrie Summy

    · 12 ratings · published 2009

    SO HERE I am spending spring break in California with my best friend, Junie. Our chaperone is a teenager, like us. And soon I’ll get to hang out with the coolest, cutest boy in the Southwest. Life is so good. Except I should tell you that I’m not actually in San Diego for fun. Even though I’m a normal person who likes normal stuff—friends, clothes, the mall—I’m supposed to be solving a mystery, one that involves a rhino heist and a crazy chef... more

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  • I So Don't Do Spooky (I So Don't Do... #2)

    I So Don't Do Spooky (I So Don't Do... #2)

    Barrie Summy

    · 10 ratings · published 2010

    Someone’s out to get Sherry’s stepmom. . . .Can she save her before it’s too late? Did you know that the main campus of the Academy of Spirits is at a Dairy Queen in Phoenix? Me either. Until now. Some weird stuff has been happening to my stepmother, Paula, and the Academy has asked me, Sherry Holmes Baldwin, to get to the bottom of it. They think someone’s trying to hurt her. I really don’t want to get involved—my life is way too busy... more

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