Princess Ai Series by Courtney Love, Misaho Kujiradou, D.J. Milky, Christine Boylan

3.82 · 42 ratings
  • Princess Ai: Destitution (Princess Ai #1)

    Princess Ai: Destitution (Princess Ai #1)

    Courtney Love, Misaho Kujiradou, D.J. Milky

    · 14 ratings · published 2004

    Ai is the only royal princess of Ai-Land, a magical kingdom caught in the midst of a horrific revolution. When Princess Ai makes a hasty escape from her war-torn land, she finds herself in modern-day Tokyo. Confused and in shock, Ai wanders the streets in this strange new land to unravel the secrets that could tear her and her kingdom apart ... The first volume of Princess Ai is a journey to the heights of fame and fortune found in this world and beyond!

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  • Princess Ai: Lumination (Princess Ai #2)

    Princess Ai: Lumination (Princess Ai #2)

    Courtney Love, Misaho Kujiradou, D.J. Milky

    · 12 ratings · published 2005

    Ai's rock-n-roll star is on the rise...but this winged Princess from another world is about to learn that there is always a price to pay for fame. Torn between her love for Kent and her concern for his safety, Ai must struggle against assassins from her homeland, conspirators from her record company, protestors on the streets and her own conflicted emotions as she continues her search for the cure to Ai-Land's many woes... more

  • Princess Ai: Evolution (Princess Ai #3)

    Princess Ai: Evolution (Princess Ai #3)

    Courtney Love, Misaho Kujiradou, D.J. Milky

    · 10 ratings · published 2005

    The culmination of Ai's journey of self-discovery is at hand, and salvation is on the horizon. As hunters from her homeland close in on her, Ai's record company unleashes its plan to turn their hot new diva into a falling star. Even with Kent by her side, can Ai avoid her enemies and still find a way to bring peace to her troubled homeland? The adventure and romance come to a shocking conclusion in Princess Ai: Evolution , the final volume in the bestselling manga series.

  • Princess Ai: The Prism of Midnight Dawn, Volume 1 (Princess Ai #4)

    Princess Ai: The Prism of Midnight Dawn, Volume 1 (Princess Ai #4)

    D.J. Milky, Christine Boylan, Misaho Kujiradou, Courtney Love

    · 6 ratings · published 2008

    A new Princess Ai trilogy that takes place one year after the original series From the creative minds that brought you the original Princess Ai comes a brand new trilogy...When the Prism of Midnight Dawn is stolen from Ai-Land, Ai returns to Earth to retrieve it. But when she gets there, she discovers that Kent is not the man she remembers, and that a new drug has taken her place... About the series.. more

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