All-American Girl Series by Meg Cabot

3.50 · 87 ratings
  • All-American Girl (All-American Girl #1)

    All-American Girl (All-American Girl #1)

    Meg Cabot

    · 48 ratings · published 2008

    Samantha Madison is an average, cool Washington, D.C., teen: She loves Gwen Stefani (who doesn't?), can draw like nobody's business, and enjoys being opposite to her sister's annoying ultra-social personality. But when she ditches art class one day, she doesn't expect to be jumping on the back of a wannabe presidential assassin... more

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  • Ready or Not (All-American Girl #2)

    Ready or Not (All-American Girl #2)

    Meg Cabot

    · 39 ratings · published 2008

    Top ten things Samantha Madison isn't ready for: 10. Spending Thanksgiving at Camp David 9. With her boyfriend, the president's son 8. Who appears to want to take their relationship to the Next Level 7. Which Sam inadvertently and shockingly announces live on MTV 6. While appearing to support the president's dubious policies on families, morals, and yes, sex 5. Juggling her new after-school job at Potomac Video 4... more

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