Worth It Series by Karen Erickson

3.78 · 61 ratings
  • Worth the Scandal (Worth It #1)

    Worth the Scandal (Worth It #1)

    Karen Erickson

    · 27 ratings · published 2013

    "Strictly business? Try telling that to her heart..." "Worth It, Book 1" Alexander Worth, President and CEO of Worth Luxury Goods, is a man never to be crossed. His unwavering sense of responsibility to the family business requires him to always be in complete and utter control. Until it comes to Tessa Crawford. She's quietly professional, shy, voluptuous...and she works for him. Which means she is the one woman he must never touch, no matter how hard his gut twists with need for her... more

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  • Worth the Risk (Worth It #2)

    Worth the Risk (Worth It #2)

    Karen Erickson

    · 14 ratings · published 2013

    "How to make a strong man fall hard? Refuse him. " Hunter Worth lives life to the absolute fullest. As vice president and head of brand marketing for Worth Luxury Goods, he's brought his family's business firmly into the twenty-first century. Ruthless yet charming, he's now set his sights on the sexiest member of the marketing team. First thing on his agenda? Seduction. Gracie Hayes needs her job at Worth-and she's not about to let the gorgeous owner and her direct boss distract her-again... more

  • Worth The Challenge (Worth It #3)

    Worth The Challenge (Worth It #3)

    Karen Erickson

    · 10 ratings · published 2013

    Together, they’re magic. Now to capture it in a bottle… Worth It, Book 3 For once in his errant life, Rhett Worth is ready to prove to his older brothers he’s more than good looks and a woman-melting smile. Except he’s screwed up. And it’s about to hit the fan as he prepares to tell them he’s failed to deliver the master perfumer, Michel Durand, to create Worth Luxury’s signature scent. Then salvation walks through the boardroom door, all wrapped up in a petite, seductive package... more

  • Worth Everything (Worth It #4)

    Worth Everything (Worth It #4)

    Karen Erickson

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    Can two lost souls find their way to love? Worth It, Book 4 Anastasia Renaldi’s life is a complete lie. Disinherited from the family fashion-accessory business and informed she’s the illegitimate daughter of the famous—and long-dead—Michael Worth of Worth Luxury, she has no one to turn to. No real family, no job, no identity to claim. Lost and confused, she turns to the one man who can help her obtain what is rightfully hers. Attorney Gavin Westmore is hired to discover the truth... more

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