Playa's Series Series by Brenda Jackson

4.35 · 19 ratings
  • The Playa's Handbook (Playa's Series #1)

    The Playa's Handbook (Playa's Series #1)

    Brenda Jackson

    · 8 ratings · published 2010

    There's not a whole lot happening in Gary, Indiana. That is, until nationally renowned relationship expert Lance Montgomery bursts on to the scene. Twice divorced, Montgomery is now on a mission to perfect the art of being single. His tantalizing book The Playa's Handbook is causing quite a stir. His rules include: *Never give a woman the key to your apartment. *Playas "have sex"; they don't "make love." *Don't be afraid not to commit, no matter how hot the sex is... more

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  • No More Playas (Playa's Series #2)

    No More Playas (Playa's Series #2)

    Brenda Jackson

    · 11 ratings · published 2005

    Lance Montgomery, renowned relationship expert, has perfected the art of being a playa. His acclaimed workshops and bestselling books prove it. His most popular title, The Playa’s Handbook, caused a major uproar among black women and men, and shot to the top of the bestseller list. Then he met Dr. Asia Fowler, a colleague whose views on love are vastly different from his own. Intrigued and unable to forget her, Lance wanted her in his bed. Instead, she found her way into his heart... more

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