Laurel Heights Series by Lisa Worrall

3.88 · 22 ratings
  • Laurel Heights (Laurel Heights #1)

    Laurel Heights (Laurel Heights #1)

    Lisa Worrall

    · 14 ratings · published 2014

    Detectives Scott Turner and Will Harrison are sent undercover after an apparent murder/suicide in Laurel Heights, an exclusive gay housing community. Will the two closeted officers be able to hide their attraction while each believing the other is straight? And is there a killer amongst them waiting to claim his next victim? CONTENT ADVISORY: This title includes scenes of dubious consent

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  • Laurel Heights 2 (Laurel Heights #2)

    Laurel Heights 2 (Laurel Heights #2)

    Lisa Worrall

    · 8 ratings · published 2014

    Will and Scott are now out and proud and living together in Scott's tiny house. So everything is perfect, right? Wrong... Scott has a new partner, a new male partner, and Will is not happy about that at all. A sadistic serial killer is at large, torturing his way through the gay community, but Will and Scott have no leads. And one of the residents of Laurel Heights has been arrested for murder.

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