Black CATs Series by Leslie A. Kelly

3.96 · 30 ratings
  • Fade to Black (Black CATs #1)

    Fade to Black (Black CATs #1)

    Leslie A. Kelly

    · 12 ratings · published 2013

    'Dean Taggert, a former street cop turned FBI agent, has accepted a transfer into a new CAT for one reason: he needs to remove the violence from his life in order to get his ex to give him more time with his son. Not easy to do when he's been thrust into the darkest, most violent investigation of his career... more

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  • Pitch Black (Black CATs #2)

    Pitch Black (Black CATs #2)

    Leslie A. Kelly

    · 10 ratings · published 2013

    After a botched investigation left him wounded and disgraced, Special Agent Alec Lambert was forced to transfer onto Wyatt Blackstone's team. This former profiler has lost his edge, buried by the guilt he feels over another agent's death. But he'll need all his skills when he realizes he's getting another crack at a case that has haunted him. A serial killer known as the Professor is now using the latest e-mail schemes to lure his victims and the Black CATs are on his trail... more

  • Black at Heart (Black CATs #3)

    Black at Heart (Black CATs #3)

    Leslie A. Kelly

    · 8 ratings · published 2014

    A group of elite FBI special agents has been brought together to form the Cyber Action Team, aka CAT - and they have one mission: to solve Internet-related murders. Even as he devotes himself to catching the Internet's most despicable criminals, Wyatt Blackstone has become a master of detaching himself from his work. But now, after the loss of a vulnerable young agent for whom he cared deeply, Wyatt's renowned icy control is starting to crack... more

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