Immortal Series by Lauren Burd, Lynn O'Dell

3.78 · 32 ratings
  • Immortal (Immortal #1)

    Immortal (Immortal #1)

    Lauren Burd

    · 18 ratings · published 2010

    The wound inflicted only a few minutes before was nearly healed. A small cut was the only sign that anything had occurred. I watched in disbelief as it finished closing and eventually disappeared. “What are you?” * * * Gods, demons, and vampires… Eighteen-year-old Alina Taylor doesn’t believe in any of them. Then, she meets Samuel Grant and Duncan Michaels and discovers a world that could destroy everything she loves. First book in the Immortal Trilogy.

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  • Forever (Immortal #2)

    Forever (Immortal #2)

    Lauren Burd, Lynn O'Dell

    · 14 ratings · published 2011

    “What are we playing for?” An evil grin spread over his face. “I am so glad you asked. We’re playing for the chance to choose.” “Choose what?” “Where my next shot goes.” * * * Memories fade, betrayals abound, and death looms. Alina believed becoming an Immortal would protect those she loved, but how can she protect them when they’re already caught in the trap? Second book in the Immortal Trilogy

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