Binding of the Blade Series by L.B. Graham

3.95 · 22 ratings
  • Beyond the Summerland (Binding of the Blade #1)

    Beyond the Summerland (Binding of the Blade #1)

    L.B. Graham

    · 12 ratings · published 2004

    Joraiem and the young Novaana train in the Summerland to rule Kirthanin and to defend it against the evil schemes of Malek. The Binding of the Blade is an original fantasy series based in part on prophecy from the book of Isaiah. Book 1, Beyond the Summerland, is where the adventure begins for a band of young Novaana, eager to serve and rule the four regions of the world of Kirthanin... more

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  • Bringer of Storms (Binding of the Blade #2)

    Bringer of Storms (Binding of the Blade #2)

    L.B. Graham

    · 10 ratings · published 2005

    Throughout Kirthanin, civil war has torn the land apart. An even greater threat, however, will emerge from the mountain and all people must join together to fight this evil. The greatly anticipated second installment in the Binding of the Blade series, Bringer of Storms will captivate readers as it presents the continuation of the story of conflict and hope among the people of Kirthanin.

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