Mercy Series by Rebecca Lim

3.79 · 58 ratings
  • Mercy (Mercy #1)

    Mercy (Mercy #1)

    Rebecca Lim

    · 18 ratings · published 2011

    An angel searching for answers, for her destiny...In the third MERCY paranormal romance, Mercy wakes in a new unknown host, her love for Ryan and Luc burning stronger than ever. But who will she make the ultimate sacrifice for? There's something very wrong with me. When I wake up, I could be anyone.. more

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  • Exile (Mercy #2)

    Exile (Mercy #2)

    Rebecca Lim

    · 14 ratings · published 2011

    An electric combination of angels, mystery and romance, EXILE is the breathtaking sequel to MERCY in a major new paranormal romance series. There's something very wrong with me. When I wake up, I could be anyone… An angel in exile, Mercy is doomed to return repeatedly to Earth, taking on a new human form each time she does. Now she "wakes" as unhappy teen Lela, a girl caring for a dying mother but never herself... more

  • Muse (Mercy #3)

    Muse (Mercy #3)

    Rebecca Lim

    · 14 ratings · published 2011

    An angel in exile, caught between lives ... and loves Mercy is an angel, exiled from heaven, and when she wakes in the body of nineteen-year-old Irina, Mercy discovers that she′s one of the world′s most infamous supermodels on the verge of a very public breakdown. Against the glamorous background of Milan′s opulent fashion world, Mercy continues her increasingly desperate search for Ryan Daley, the mortal boy she remembers falling for in a past life... more

  • Fury (Mercy #4)

    Fury (Mercy #4)

    Rebecca Lim

    · 12 ratings · published 2012

    Hell hath no fury like an angel scorned… Heartbreak. Vengeance. Truth. Betrayal. Everything that has happened to Mercy over millennia has made her who she is. Now she and The Eight wage open war with Luc and his demons, and the earth is their battlefield. Ryan’s love for Mercy is more powerful than ever, her guiding light in the hour of darkness. But the very love that sustains her, now places Ryan in mortal danger. Two worlds collide as Mercy approaches her ultimate breathtaking choice... more

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