Blake Sisters Series by Barbara Delinsky

3.81 · 48 ratings
  • Lake News: A Novel (Blake Sisters #1)

    Lake News: A Novel (Blake Sisters #1)

    Barbara Delinsky

    · 16 ratings · published 1999

    With this powerful story, Barbara Delinsky, the bestselling and acclaimed author of Coast Road and Three Wishes, has written her richest and most exciting novel yet. At its center is Lily Blake, a talented singer who shuns the limelight and cherishes her privacy. Tricked by a devious reporter into unwittingly giving an interview about her friendship with a distinguished churchman -- a newly appointed Cardinal -- she finds herself accused of having had an affair with him... more

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  • Lake News (Blake Sisters #1)

    Lake News (Blake Sisters #1)

    Barbara Delinsky

    · 16 ratings · published 2007

    After an unscrupulous reporter falsely accuses Boston singer Lily Blake of having an affair with a newly appointed Cardinal, she’s hounded by the press, fired from her job, and robbed of all her public freedom. The humiliation and violation of privacy leaves her no choice but to retreat to her rural hometown of Lake Henry, New Hampshire. In search of refuge, Lily forms an uneasy alliance with John Kipling, a former Boston reporter with trust issues of his own... more

  • An Accidental Woman (Blake Sisters #2)

    An Accidental Woman (Blake Sisters #2)

    Barbara Delinsky

    · 16 ratings · published 2002

    Lake Henry, New Hampshire, is buzzing over the annual maple syrup harvest ... as well as the shocking revelation that long-time resident Heather Malone has been led away by the FBI, which claims the devoted stepmother and businesswoman fled the scene of a fatal accident in California years before... more

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